Why does misting occur?

There are many reasons for a unit to fail and break down.


The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time and the environment.
Over time, the sun and wind and everyday environmental conditions force the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract thus acting like a pump slowing sucking in and then releasing air from between the glass panes. Eventually the desiccant that is within the spacer bar becomes saturated, therefore cannot draw any more moisture from the air within the unit, the result is condensation between the panes!

Other reasons are that the sealed unit may have been badly manufactured or the way the sealed unit was fitted when your windows were installed.

The list goes on and on, unfortunately this is a problem that will face all property owners who have installed double glazing but a problem that can be simply resolved.

Call today for a free no obligation quote!

To save our customers time we can give you a quote over the phone. All you have to do is give us the dimensions of your sealed unit. Just measure the glass from inside your room-  Just the glass, not the frame.

Measure vertically and horizontally so we can work out the area of the glass.
We can then give you an approximate no obligation price for replacing or repairing the sealed unit.


If the price quoted is accepted Clive or Richard will call round and measure the exact size and cavity for manufacturing purposes.


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